Out of the Blue

by Waking Dream

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Second release by Waking Dream
It is a collection of various songs recorded during early years of the band
Released 01.01.2014


released December 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Waking Dream Moscow, Russia

Waking Dream is a Russian rock band that traces its history back to 2012. Their music represents a mix of rock styles - punk, heavy metal, rock’n’roll with elements of ska, pop and disco. Main musical influences include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Ramones, Toy Dolls and Metallica. ... more

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Track Name: Lifetaker
Verse 1:

Can you tell
What is this you see
In my eyes
When you look at me?

It is hate
And you soon will be dead
Cause your time has come
To an end

Chorus 1:

You are lost in the dark
We're alone in the night
You'll never be able
To conquer your fright

There is no way to run
Dirty thing will be done
You're in my hands
And I'll have some fun

Verse 2:

Screams of pain
Filled the air and they
Sound just like the music
To me

Blood runs down
From my hands that made
Final stab now your soul
Will be free

Chorus 2:

Noone will ever know
What has happened to you
Now you're a member
Of Skeleton's crew

You were lost in the dark
And we met in the night
Now you are dead
But I'm not satisfied

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Don't Give Up
Verse 1:

He doesn't care what's going on
He just wants to play his songs
Now his life is broken apart
Now he's gonna have a new start

Through the grief the loss and the pain
Now he thinks it wasn't in vain
Life continues nevertheless
He's got chances to success


Don't give up - your time will come
Don't give up - keep having fun
Don't give up - You'll change the world
Don't give up - Just play your chords

Don't give up - and you will see
You can make yourself feel free
Just believe in what you do
Luck will be disposed to you

Verse 2:

Over the problems against the stream
He is going to make his dream
Never thinks about the past
He is going to make it fast

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Endless Fight
Verse 1:

Something is wrong I don't know why
Everything fails whatever I try
This never changes It's always the same
I feel like a puppet in somebody's game

So many problems need to be solved
All things that matter are beibg sold
Rules of the game are so unfair
Cruelty, greed, fear and despair


From the cradle to the grave
You will live your life this way
Every day's just like a fight
From the darkness to the light

Repeat Chorus, in the end repeat "To the light"

Verse 2:

Misery, suffering, violence and pain
All our dreams and beliefs are in vain
What have we done to deserve such a fate?
Useless to try because it's too late

Only the end can set us free
Erase from existence, what would it be?
Like billion flies locked in the room
We're trapped on Earth waiting our doom

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Paying the Price
Verse 1:

Every day and every night
Everything seems so bright
You've got money, you've got things
You've got everything you need

But there's something troubles you
There is nothing you can do
Cannot hide, can't run away
All your problems are to stay

No one's gonna help you to be free
May be it's the only way to be


Take me away
Out of the darkness
Somewhere where I'll see the light
All of the days
They seem like a nightmare
Endlessly living with fright

Verse 2:

You are trapped within a cage
Many things make you enraged
Daily routine, hated work
Lack of time, these stupid dorks

There's so many left undone
Almost nothing gives you fun
Gloomy thoughts devour your brain
Just one step - and you're insane

That's the way we pay for our mistakes
That's the price we all will have to pay

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Inner Pain
Verse 1:

Again and again
You're screaming with pain
That comes from within of your heart

Trying to fight
Trying to get over
Feelings that tear you apart

Do you know that your life is not long?
Don't you know that you've got to be strong?

Chorus 1:

No, noone can really tell
What's in your private hell
That makes you feel so bad
They'll never understand
What's going in your mind
You only need to find
Your way and your solution

Verse 2:

You think that you
Know what is true
But nothing is true in this place

Truth can be fake
Don't make a mistake
And all your life think for yourself

Do you know that life's not always mean?
Do you know that to waste time's a sin?

Chorus 2:

We, we are the ones to blame
For all our inner pain
Cause we are so unsure
But we've got to endure
This world around us
And walk our path to stars
With faith in our hearts...

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Ready to Hate

There's something wrong with everything around
And all our dreams are tamped into the ground
Nobody cares about anything
Hate is here we have a closed ring


Ready to hate, oooooo
Ready to hate, oooooo
We're the ones to suffer from ourselves

Ready to hate, oooooo
Ready to hate, oooooo
Time has come to try something else


We're blind we think that nothing's wrong
Our old beliefs seem to be so strong
It's not too late something can be changed
But we're so lazy we prefer to hate


Ready to hate, oooooo
Ready to hate, oooooo
That's a battle that never can be won

Ready to hate, oooooo
Ready to hate, oooooo
Our hearts have turned up into stones

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Piter
Verse 1:

Питер... плеск Невы
Питер... белая ночь
На берегах гранитные львы,
Питер... не гони меня прочь

Питер... город неспешный
Питер... мосты развели...
Питер среди спящих проспектов
Ночью плывут корабли


Питер... серое небо
Я задел головой
Знаешь, Питер
я не хочу домой

Питер, город накрыли
Дожди пеленой
Знаешь, Питер
я не хочу домой!

Verse 2

Питер... ждёт меня поезд
Питер... прощаться пора
Питер - ты самое лучшее
Из творений Петра!

Chorus 2:

Питер... серое небо
Я задел головой
Знаешь, Питер
я не хочу домой

Питер, город накрыли
Дожди пеленой
Знаешь, Питер
Я остаюсь с тобой!

© Dmitriy Kiselev, 2013