Laugh at First Sight

by Waking Dream

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First full-length album by Waking Dream
Released 01.05.2013
Recorded August 2012 - February 2013


released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Waking Dream Moscow, Russia

Waking Dream is a Russian rock band that traces its history back to 2012. Their music represents a mix of rock styles - punk, heavy metal, rock’n’roll with elements of ska, pop and disco. Main musical influences include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Ramones, Toy Dolls and Metallica. ... more

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Track Name: Eternal Sorrow
Verse 1:

When the stars shone so brightly
They prepared for attack
He had no chances
You’ve been fooled this time
A sniper’s bullet right between the eyes
You know he won’t come back
The war is over – now you’re alone

You’ll grow up, the young girl
Life will change fast, but you
Won’t forget how good it was

Just to look in his eyes
Just to feel his arms around
Your neck and his lips


Eternal sorrow
Eternal torture
No tomorrow
Worth dying for

Eternal madness
Eternal horror
So many victims
The price of war

Verse 2:

Once again you can’t help
But to wonder how can they
Decide, who’s gonna die

Thousands boys, far from home
Follow blindly the orders of those
Who don’t care at all


And where, where do we go now?
What can be done to stop this dread?
Will there be a new tomorrow?
And who will answer for the dead?

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Imperfect
Verse 1:

Noone is perfect
I don't think it's worth it
To try to follow
The rules that they made

It is not easy
But you don't believe me
Although I mean
All the things that I said

Why can't you find just some place
In your heart for me
'Cause I can't

Stand to be treated like that
Will you let me stay?
Or should I better go away?

Verse 2:

Do you remember
We thought we would never
Allow anything
To stay between us?

Something has changed
Now I'm feeling deranged
'Cause everything is
Falling apart


Take my heart
Take my soul
I don't need
Them anymore

Will I find
what is right?
Will you rescue
My life?

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Crying out for Love
Verse 1:

Lost in the swirl of opportunities
Not knowing which way to go
Longing for sense of a unity
Keeping her head very low


She’s crying out for love to be found
She’s crying out not making a sound
She’s crying out for love to be found
She’s crying out not making a sound

Verse 2:

Her sorrows soon will be over
She needs to wait for a while
She won’t be crying no more
Her lips will blossom with smile

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Bad Habits
Once there was a guy who drank so hard - SO HARD
He was not very old, not very smart - NOT SMART
He drank all through the day
He drank all through the night
And now he doesn't drink -
He died at thirty-nine.

Once there was a guy who smoked a lot - A LOT
He even tried some weeds and tried some pot - SOME POT
He fought a deadly cancer
Nothing he could do
And now he doesn't smoke -
He died at thirty-two.

Once there was a guy who scored chicks - SOME CHICKS
And every other night he showed them tricks - SOME TRICKS
A very jealous husband
A pistol in his hands
And now he doesn't score -
Was shot at twenty-eight

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Kick the Chair
Verse 1:

Another sad picture when you look around
Another dead body that lies on the ground
Seventeenth floor and no turning back
A plunge into darkness, fading to black

Alone in the world
No will to live
They all will regret
You’ll never forgive


Kick the chair right down under me
Leave me hanging in this misery

Verse 2:

Newspapers are raving about the death
Why would someone choose to stop his own breath?
No answer found, the chapter is closed
An innocent child – forever lost

Nothing is done
Nothing to prove
Another poor kid
Stands on the roof

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Distant Waves
As we sail through the dark
And follow the stars
Only water surrounds our ship

And we know that one day
We’ll moor to the land
But one thing we will never forget

This Distant waves
Distant waves
Distant waves

Time will flow and for all
Our longing for home
We will put out to open blue sea

And I want to hear again
The sound of the wind
And I want once again to be with

This Distant waves
Distant waves
Distant waves

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013
Track Name: Brain Manipulator
Verse 1:

Turn on the screen
Turn your brain off
For what you will see
You don’t need it at all

There are no reasons for thoughts or regrets
Like it or not, you will watch what they get

You’ve got no control
Ads always there
They don’t care for you
They’re after their share

The moment you turn on your big TV screen
Your mind is in danger – brainwashing begins


It’s a brain manipulator
And it’s not worth it at all
You’ll become a mindless puppet
If you do not stop your fall

It’s not too late to take control
To put this to an end
Smash the evil with a hammer
Take your life in your hands

Verse 2:

A waste of your time
You don’t understand
It’s just a crime
Someday you’ll repent

You still can do something, you have a choice
Do not get lost, do not low down your voice

Once and for all
You have to decide
What’s gonna be
Don’t lose your pride

Everything’s going to turn out just fine
If you are able to go over the line

© Aleksandr Imaykin, 2013