A Step Aside

by Waking Dream

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Second album by Waking Dream
Released 20.02.2015
Recorded May 2014 - January 2015


released February 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Waking Dream Moscow, Russia

Waking Dream is a Russian rock band that traces its history back to 2012. Their music represents a mix of rock styles - punk, heavy metal, rock’n’roll with elements of ska, pop and disco. Main musical influences include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Ramones, Toy Dolls and Metallica. ... more

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Track Name: A Hit Song
Verse 1:

This song is gonna be a BIG HIT
Everybody's dancing to the RIGHT BEAT
Cans of beer are lying down ON THE FLOOR
Someone made a big hole IN THE DOOR


And it will be a night
We'll party hard
The whole night
And then right from the start
We'll play it loud
All through the night

Verse 2:

Night will fade away but we won't GO TO BED
Party will continue 'til there's NOONE LEFT
Let's turn the volume now UP TO TEN
Let's play this crazy song ONCE AGAIN

© Aleksandr Imaykin
Track Name: Serpentine Road
Verse 1:

Мы спешим куда-то, забывая близких и друзей
Словно сновидение, прошлое является нам
Не дать остановиться себе и добиваться чтоб
Проблемы и заботы заглушали подступающую боль

Chorus 1:

Жизни остаётся так немного
Вперёд улетают годы
И не суждено нам их остановить
Тревога за тревогой
Серпантинная дорога
Хочется сберечь себя
Не дать упасть вниз

Verse 2:

Сложно понять сердце головой
Сложно успеть всё, что так хочешь ты,
Добиться мечты и уважать себя
Ведь главный поединок - борьба с самим собой


Нам пора бы понять, что главное в жизни
Решить для себя, куда мы идём
Ведь завтра, возможно, те, кого мы любили
Не постучаться в дверь к нам никогда

Chorus 2:

Жизни остаётся так немного
Вперёд улетают годы
И не суждено нам их остановить
Тревога за тревогой
Серпантинная дорога
Нет пути назад

Жизни остаётся так немного
Вперёд улетают годы
И не суждено нам их остановить
Тревога за тревогой
Серпантинная дорога
Просто хочется жить

© Olga Karbusheva
Track Name: Inner Pain
Verse 1:

Again and again
You're screaming with pain
That comes from within of your heart

Trying to fight
Trying to get over
Feelings that tear you apart

Do you know that your life is not long?
Don't you know that you've got to be strong?

Chorus 1:

No, no one can really tell
What's in your private hell
That makes you feel so bad
They'll never understand
What's going in your mind
You only need to find
Your way and your solution

Verse 2:

You think that you
Know what is true
But nothing is true in this place

Truth can be fake
Don't make a mistake
And all your life think for yourself

Do you know that life's not always mean?
Do you know that to waste time's a sin?

Chorus 2:

We, we are the ones to blame
For all our inner pain
Cause we are so unsure
But we've got to endure
This world around us
And walk our path to stars
With faith in our hearts...

© Aleksandr Imaykin
Track Name: Confrontation
Verse 1:

Шум, суета, злые крики людей
Круговорот кровожадных идей
Ты здесь один среди массы врагов
Спрячься от них за крепкий засов

Bridge 1:

В дверь раздаётся удар за ударом
Злые враги угрожают пожаром
Не уступай и смелее держись
И вознесётся твоя душа ввысь


Не сдавайся и поверь
Лишь закрой покрепче дверь
Пусть тебя не понимают
Пусть проклятьем угрожают

Да, ты занял туалет
Ты сидишь там много лет
В коммуналке шум и гам
Удивительный бедлам

Verse 2:

Книги, нетбук и смартфон под рукой
Ты только здесь остаёшься собой
Не позволяй им себя одолеть
И борись не на жизнь, а на смерть

Bridge 2:

Вот и полиция, вот управдом
Снова тебе угрожают судом
Но ты не сдашься, пусть мир подождёт
Скоро к тебе вдохновенье придёт

© Tatyana Imaykina
Track Name: Vision
Verse 1:

I see it in my head
A vision of people lying dead
And so it seems that no one left besides me
A nightmare that will never end

They weren't prepared to die
But planes just dropped bombs from the sky
It's always true - the innocent will suffer
The guilty ones keep out of the fight


Through the darkness shone a blinding light
And no one will be left alive tonight
Their souls will reach up for the stars
Into the void that spins around us

Verse 2:

The dawn is getting near
The vision quickly disappears
I'm waking up and slowly realising
The vision - it was just a dream

But when I look into the screen
I'm speechless - is there what it seems
The cruelest joke I've never could imagine
My nightmare came alive out of my mind

© Aleksandr Imaykin
Track Name: Change of Seasons
Verse 1:

The sky is turning to the grey
And Earth's becoming cold again
The autumn came and sunny days
Are changed with long and heavy rains

What's happened with us? I can't understand it
We don't even look in each other's face
We are so small, so weak and empty
And so alone in crowded place

Bridge 1:

You think that nothing will change
And things will stay the same
But it's not gonna be that way

Chorus 1:

Every day I try to understand you
And every day you are so far away
The truth is that you even don't pretend to
Hear the things that I would like to say

Verse 2:

The snow is falling and the trees
Are left so bare and so alone
The winter wind is blowing free
It froze our hearts - they are like stones

We both understand that everything's over
No more turning back, no more pain and tears
No need to forgive, no need to remember
All hope is gone, all faith disappeared

Bridge 2:

All I wish is to divide our ways
To find again some peace
And memories to fade away

Chorus 2:

Every day I tried to understand you
And every day you were so far away
And now you even don't need to pretend to
Hear anything - there's nothing left to say

© Aleksandr Imaykin
Track Name: Today a Reader - Tomorrow a Leader
Verse 1:

I don’t see really why I need to spend my time on it
Reading is not so much fun as watching the TV

I’d rather go partying all night
I’d better be on the town
I only wish to get the books
And burn them all down
And burn them all down


All right – All right
But let me tell you anyway

You think – you think
That you – that you
Really know just what to do

One day – one day
You’ll find – you’ll find
You are dragging far behind

You may be a speeder
You may be a bleeder
Today he’s a reader –
Tomorrow a leader

Verse 2:

When I just think about the books I’m getting bored to death
I’d better get stoned, I’d better get high, I’d better take some meth

I don’t know where I’m going now
And I don’t really care
I’m so well off not reading at all
Got no time to spare
Got no time to spare

© Aleksandr Imaykin
Track Name: Ballet Dancer
Verse 1:

You wake up every morning
With pain through all your body
And ask yourself just what for
You're torturing yourself

A flash flies through your minding:
"You've got to achieve something
And if you are on this way
You have to win not lose then"


The time when I was a ballet dancer
Was good for me and bad for me
It made me stronger, more resilient,
Exhausted, worn out, with a hole in the chest
The time when I was a ballet dancer
Was hard for me, delightful for me
I remember it like the best one
And I want to forget it

Verse 2:

Every muscle becomes tense
And you can't stop the dance
All your toes are in blood
But it's not enough
If you know it doesn't worth
All that pain, suffer and thrill
Nothing comes true
Nothing will stay with you

© Olga Karbusheva